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Bobby (ABobby)
Bass Guitar and Vocals

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Martin (The Axe)
Drums and Vocals

Formerly of:
Harvard Street
No Requests

Formerly of:
Harvard Street
The Odd Couple
100 NONS

Formerly of:
The Odd Couple
Brighter Star

Bass guitar & vocals-Bobby at Winnipeg Convention Center
Fender Jazzmaster guitar & vocals - Randy at Winnipeg Convention Center
Ludwig drums - Martin at Delta March Field Station
Photo from:
"The Signature Awards"
Winnipeg Convention Center
Photo from:
"The Signature Awards"
Winnipeg Convention Center
Photo from:
"Land Transfer Celebration"
Delta Marsh Field Station

Bass guitar
Whatever Long & McQuade will finance this month. We never know which one of six bass guitars will show up on stage.

Lead guitar

1965 Fender Jazzmaster guitar
Cybertwin amp

Ludwig drums

1970's Premium Psycho Kit
New Crown 311A

Help us find our band roots!

Bobby-bass guitar, Randy-fender strat, Martin-drumse-mail randy at bigchunkorrock dot com about the many bands that Big Chunk O'Rock members have played with over the years. Some of the Winnipeg bands and touring bands that come to mind are:

  • Harvard Street
  • The Odd Couple
  • No Requests
  • 100 NONS
  • PsssstKrookid
  • Brighter Star
  • Mad House
  • Racoon
  • Sweet Wine
  • Jug Leather
  • Musical Window

Winnipeg entertainment - Harvard Street live bandHarvard Street

Before Big Chunk O'Rock, Bobby and Randy played with Harvard Street, a hot corporate event entertainment band active from the mid 90's to 2006. Harvard Street did only one nighters with a lot of gigs at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the Winnipeg Winter Club, in Winnipeg Community Clubs, banquet halls and so on.


The band did some pretty big gigs like:

  • Winnipeg Arena Parka Party when the Grey Cup was in town
  • the Aurora Festival with Blue Rodeo on the bill.

Grey Cup party band - Harvard Street



Above: John, Jim , Kim, Randy, Bobby

Photo at left is Harvard Street belting it out at the
Winnipeg Arena "Parka Party" when the Grey Cup was in town.

The Odd Couple

Randy, Warren and Marty (2005 reunion)

Winnipeg Odd Couple band reunion - 2005
Substitute Martini drinking Warren with Tequila sipping Bobby and you have Big Chunk O'Rock.

The Odd Couple was active in Winnipeg live music venues for about 18 years during the 60's and 70's. The founding members were Randy, Norman and Ziz. Subsequent versions included "Randy, Billy and Jay", just "Randy and Billy", "Randy, Billy and the Dreaded Dan", "Randy, Billy and Marty" and finally "Randy, Warren and Marty".

Warren and Randy played together in a band called Mad House.

Bill Pavlik & Randy, Odd Couple band-2008A famous configuration of The Odd Couple included Wild Bill Pavlik on bass in the 70's. Billy also recorded with one of the hottest bands of the 60's, The Quid.

Check out The Odd Couple link for that 70's look! And the photo at right is how they've cleaned up as of May of 2008. (Photo taken in Vancouver where Billy currently hangs out)

The Odd Couple usually played 6 nights a week for 30 or 40 weeks a year - That's a lot of stage time!


live music - Bobby, Laurie, Jimmie-PsssstKrookid Band

Laurie, Jimmy, __, __, __. & Bobby (1975?)


Aaaah! One of the finer bands of the 70's! And we are proud to say, one of the root bands of both Big Chunk O'Rock (Bobby) and Harvard Street (Bobby & Jimmy).

Check it out - that's Bobby in the cape on the left.

Bobby-PssstKrookid band



That's Bobby again on the far right - Pluckin that bass, directing the band and smokin???

Gotta admit though - Cool shirt!

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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Big Chunk O'Rock is your live band of choice.

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