Big Chunk O'Rock

Winnipeg's live music band of choice. 

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Our favorite musical instrument & equipment sites:

Long & McQuade 651 Stafford St. (@ Pembina)
Winnipeg, MB     R3M 2X7
(204) 284-5180
Guitars, drums, sound equipment, and they know what they are talking about.
Fender Musical Instruments Fender guitars, Fender Amps
Shure mics Shure microphones, we use ...
TC Helicon Their near field monitors and X2 wireless remotes are awesome!
Ludwig Drums  
Sabian Cymbals Check out the different sounds!
Mackie Mixers & Monitors  
Digisender We use the X2 wireless remote
Yorkville Sound  

Contact us for more information or to book the band for your special event
Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Big Chunk O'Rock is your live band of choice.

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