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Fred Penner, Bobby & Randy at Winter Club

Old friend Fred Penner joins us on stage during a gig at the
Winnipeg Winter Club. One thing for sure from the picture to the right is that our hair was a couple of shades darker at that time!
Fred Penner & Randy at the Winnipeg Winter Club

On the left it looks like Bobby was up front singing with someone else plucking that bass guitar in the background.

Who was that mystery player?
Did anyone get a picture?

Jim Ingebritsen & BobbyBobby on the left, Jimmy on the right:

Jim Ingebritsen was one of the original members of Harvard Street , an old high school music buddy of Randy's and media work mate of Bobby's.  Jimmy is just about the best front man you can get and a fantastic master of ceremonies. But don't let that overshadow his rhythm guitar playing. He really knows the material and has a feel for the right sound!

It was a great pleasure to get back on stage together for a highly successful ten year stint with Harvard Street after a few decades of other pursuits.

Kim on drums & Johnny on quitar

Kim (drums) and Johnny (guitar) are original members of  Harvard Street one of the root bands of Big Chunk O'Rock.  Kim can really pound those drums and he has some kind of a built in metronome that kept us on tempo no matter what.

Johnny has an awesome voice, although it took us several years to convert him from a folkie to a rocker! Here's Johnny singing
Pretty Woman live at the Special Olympics 25th anniversary, with Kim keeping us on tempo and Randy trying to stretch for that high harmony.

Puerto Moreles Mexico - festivalCarlos playing Santana Randy had the privilege of singing Santana songs with an awesome guitar player named Carlos and his rhythm section (Congo's and drums) at a festival in the Puerto Moreles, Mexico Town Square in Early March.

At band practice, I expected to be the guitar player but Carlos ( right) opened with a perfect guitar intro to Santana's "Black Magic Woman" then nodded to me when it came time to sing.

Singing with Carlos and his Rhythm section video - Taken with a miniature digital camera.

Men in Blues Band-Peurto Morales, Mexico
The Men in Blues are from Montreal, with Jean on Piano, Jimmy on Harp and vocals and Jean-Pierre on  left handed, upside down 5-String Bass.

Randy joined the band on little lead guitar and vocals for several gigs in Puerto Moreles, Mexico. They are awesome musicians and they didn't mind adding a bit of Classic Rock to their repertoire. They spend most of the winter playing down south then they head back north as the snow recedes. Great guys and good new friends ofBig Chunk O'Rock!


Click to see a video: Men in Blues part of a song    Video 2- MIB the rest of the song

Men-in-Blues with RandyRandy with The Men in Blues March 1, 2007 at Florencia's Geoconda Bar behind Spagatino's Restaurant. Fantastically enthusiastic audience! (left)The Six-Pack Singers, Randy & The Men In Blues band

Held over at Florencia's on the 8th. We were joined on stage by the 6 - Pack Singers. (right)


Eamonn playing 5 string bass guitar


Hey! This is our good friend Eamonn at a basement jam session.

He plays both 5-string Bass and Guitar.

Eammon recently bought a set of drums!
Oh No - is he slipping to the dark side?

A great musician and a good friend of Big Chunk O'Rock

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